Ooni Pizza Oven – Our Review And Top Tips

ooni pizza oven reviews


Ooni Pizza Oven Review: Does It Deliver the Best Pizza For The Price?

The Ooni Pizza Oven is designed to cook your pizza in less than half the time. It also does not require any preheating, so it can start cooking your pizza as soon as you place it in the outdoor oven. The oven has been built by a team of engineers and designers who have been cooking their own pizzas for years.

The Ooni Pizza oven is capable of cooking pizzas up to 30% faster than traditional pizza ovens and is the perfect addition to any garden.

If you want to know more about the Ooni Pizza Oven Review, keep reading our article and we will tell you everything there is to know about this amazing kitchen appliance.

Introducing the Ooni Pizza Oven

The Ooni Pizza Oven is the first of its kind: a pizza oven that prepares and cooks a pizza in just 60 seconds.

It has patented technology that keeps the inside of the oven at 550°F, the perfect temperature for cooking pizza. It is also big enough to fit an 18″ pizza. The oven can cook up to pizzas for hours on end.

Ooni is the first-ever wood-fired pizza oven that’s been developed specifically for restaurants and homes. The company is a privately held company that started in 2014 and launched its first product in 2017. They use patented technology to produce pizzas at 8x the speed of traditional brick ovens, provide constant temperature control, and eliminate smoke and fire hazards.

Please ignore the pizza attempt on the top right  (-:

ooni pizza oven pizza tips

What We Looked at in Our Review of the Ooni Pizza Oven

We looked at the Ooni Pizza Oven and discussed its various features. We also talked about the pros and cons of this device.

– The oven can cook up to 2 pizzas at a time.

– It has a built-in timer that allows you to set it and walk away without having to worry about overcooking your pizza.

– It is designed for horizontal cooking, so your pizza will never be stuck to the bottom.

– The heating elements are made with a proprietary, high-quality ceramic coating for more even cooking and less sticking.

– The Ooni Pizza Oven is large enough for an 18″ pizza or two 12″ pies – perfect for small families or parties!

– How easy is it to the clean pizza oven (and the answer is very, but wait till its fully cool thought)

– The Ooni Pizza Oven is large enough for an 18″ pizza or two 12″ pizzas – perfect for small families or parties!

How We Used the Ooni Pizza Oven

Ooni Pizza Ovens are a great investment in your cooking efficiency. They are used to make pizza but can be used to cook other things as well. But maybe it’s best to just stick with making a pizza, we tried a bake a cinnamon twist, it did not go very well, to say the least.

cinnamon twist in a ooni pizza oven


What to Consider When Purchasing a Pizza Oven

Let me start with the very basics, a pizza oven is a device that cooks and bakes pizzas in a controlled environment. It is usually made of brick, clay, or steel and can be installed in different types of establishments.

Purchasing a pizza oven can be complicated. The first thing you need to consider is whether to go for an electric or gas-powered appliance. Electric options can take more time to heat up but are relatively smaller and cheaper. Gas models are quicker to heat up and produce a better crust, but they’re also more expensive.

Once you’ve decided on the type of oven, it’s important to consider size and design as well as where you want it installed – indoors or outdoors? For outdoor purposes, make sure your purchase includes a cover for the unit because it will defiantly take damage from the elements over time. Anyway, Back to talking about the Onni Pizza oven.

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Why You Need a Ooni Pizza Oven for Your Restaurant

Restaurants not only use ovens for baking pizzas, they also use them for making bread and other baked goods. However, there are many different types of ovens in the market. Different types of ovens have different features and prices.

A pizza oven should be able to provide a consistent temperature and should be able to maintain it for a long time. They also need to have an even baking surface so that the pizza cooks evenly. The oven should be easy to clean as well as durable so that it lasts a long time. The Ooni pizza oven ticks all these boxes, and compared to others units we have seen, it’s very very cost-effective to purchase and run.

The Final Verdict – Is The Onni Ourdoor Pizza Oven Worth It?

Ooni’s pizza ovens are a great investment for people who love pizza. The oven is easy to use and cooks pizzas quickly.

I can honestly say that from the others we have tried over the years, That Ooni’s Pizza Ovens are the best option for anyone who loves pizza. The Aldi pizza oven coming a close second, but the build quality and ease of use really put this pizza oven on another level. It takes less than two minutes to cook a pizza and the oven is a dream to clean.