How To Use A Kamado Grill




One of the best ways to cook delicious seafood, steaks, and chicken is with a Kamado Grill. In addition to being very affordable, they are also very easy to use and clean up after you are done cooking. The brand was founded by a chef who had trouble finding a product that would do everything he wanted in a grill. He invented the flat on cast iron griddle, which uses hot coals to produce grilled food evenly.

The Kamado grill is one of the most sought-after types of grills by most people because it is very popular and it is for very good reason. The reason why it is so popular is that it is easy to use, durable, and can withstand high temperatures. Another reason why this type of grill is so popular is that it can cook foods very quickly which makes it a favourite among people who love to eat outdoors.

The best part about using a kamado grill is that it is very versatile. You can cook almost any type of food in these handy pieces of equipment. You can make pizza, prepare sushi and prepare foods such as grilled cheese, eggs, and bacon without having to cut, slice or dice your ingredients. This makes the Kamado grill a must-have in every kitchen! Read on to know more about the Kamado grill.



There are many different types of grills available on the market today, and one of the most popular is the Kamado grill. Choosing the right grill for you can be easy if you know what it is that you are looking for. The first step in deciding on which grill is right for you is figuring out what you are going to use the grill for. The main types of uses include roasting, cooking, and broiling. Once you have decided on what you want to use the grill for, then you can start looking for the right grill for you. With a little research, you should be able to choose the right one for your cooking needs. Choosing the right lid is also important because the correct lid will control the amount of heat that the grill produces.

One of the most popular kinds of kamados is the vertical type with a long cooking surface because it is easy to use and clean. Most grills have a non-stick coating on the outside of the food, but this is not necessary on the vertical type of grill. If you do not want to bother with cleaning the grill, or if you are planning on using it outdoors, the charcoal-burning model may be your best bet. This kind of grill produces hot, even flames and it is great for cooking foods that are normally difficult to cook such as steaks or ribs.




  • Remove the lid and all of the covers on the side. Remove the cooking surface from the inside of the grill, including the vent.
  • Place all cooking utensils on a clean dry surface and turn the grill off.
  • Lock the lid to place the grill in the “on” position.
  • Turn up the gas and fan the open grate of the back of the grill to release the heat.



  • Place all of the cooking utensils into the pan directly onto the hot coals.
  • Do not put any other items into the hot coals, including food. Otherwise, you risk igniting the rear of the barbeque and/or poking your finger or hand into the hot coals.
  • Once the coals are hot, turn the knob to medium low.
  • Once the coals are cool enough, pull the plug and set the grill up to the desired level. As you gain more confidence in your ability to control the temperature of a hot grill, you can increase the level to the top of the medium and continue to do so.

If grilling ribs, chicken, fish, or other moist foods, remember that they will usually absorb a lot of extra smoke. This can cause the food to smoke at a lower temperature than desired when using a traditional charcoal-burning or top air vent barbecue grill. To avoid this, You should use a non-stick barbeque seasoning rub or any product which contains baking soda.



To most of us, the general safety rules for cooking on a kamado grill are fairly obvious, but to anyone who has had the unfortunate misfortune of actually using one, then the following basic rules are almost too simple to remember. That is why it’s always better to keep in mind these simple safety rules as you cook on a Kamado grill. After all, these are the most important pieces of barbecue equipment, and if you use them incorrectly, you could easily find yourself with a badly burned piece of meat or an electric bill that may go up for months!

First of all, before you actually start cooking on your kamado, you have to make sure that you have either got charcoal burning at the ready or that you have a kettle and lighter nearby. Without the latter, it would be pretty difficult to get the charcoal burning on your meat unless you happened to have a very active pit filled with half-dead animals. If you do not have charcoal burning near you, however, you can go ahead and put some dry wood in a shallow pan so that you can light it with your lighter. Don’t light the fire until you have both the charcoal and the wood ready, because that is where the real danger of cooking on a kamado arises, namely from the char and ash that the fuel tends to give off in the process of burning.


After you have lit the fire, you are now ready to begin cooking on your grill, and this is where the general safety rule to cooking on a kamado grill comes in. The way that a normal grillwork is by allowing the heat of the flame to vent outwards while pushing food into the centre. The more fuel (char) that you have, the more of that cooking air will vent out, and this creates an open circle around the hot area of the grill. To create this airflow, you simply need to add more wood or charcoal, then kick back and watch as food bubbles up and circles the inside of the grill. It is a beautiful sight, and this is exactly why cooking on a kamado grill is so great.



The First step is to get the charcoal burning at a low temperature. The most ideal approach to get the charcoal burning for meat searing at low temperature is the charcoal burning from the above technique. It comprises of pouring charcoal on the grill and afterwards setting it on fire. That way the charcoal will be burning from a higher place, which brings about the charcoal burning longer.

Always keep it in mind not to use an excessive amount of charcoal, the best will be hardwood lump charcoal. In the wake of getting the charcoal burning, permit the hot charcoal to heat your grill, which should require 15-30 minutes.

In the last stage, when the temperature inside the grill is suitable, put a smoking stone inside the kamado, which is there to isolate hot charcoal from the food, consequently making conditions for indirect cooking. Then, at that point, you can put the cooking grates on and hang tight for 5-10 minutes until the temperature balances out. Putting a smoking stone in for a brief time will make the temperature shift. Following a couple of moments, ensure that the temperature is correct, assuming it’s anything but, stand by scarcely any more minutes, on the off chance that it is, you can put meat on the grates.

This strategy is an exact one because getting the right temperature is critical for having the option to sear meat for a long time. The design of a Kamado is suitable with regards to meat searing prospects. It may appear as though something difficult, but once you get a little encounter it will come to you without any problem.



Safety tips for kamado grills are easily found online, and all can be found in a quick minute when you take a moment to do a little research.

You need to first know the difference between a top air vent grill and a normal one. A top vent grill has a large piece on the front of it that vents out to allow for quick cooking of the fuel. This type of grill will keep the food hotter and the juices juicier for longer. They have fewer components, so there is less chance for things to go wrong with one of these grills. There is always a chance of a fire, and this is why you should always use tongs whenever you are working on something on your kamado grill. It’s very easy to drop the hot charcoal into the air while you’re trying to Charcoalize something, and you never know when that chunk will stick and touch something else and start a fire.

Always make sure you have tongs for the charcoal chimney and a lid for your grill. You never know what might catch on fire and start a big mess.

One more thing that is important for the safety of your family is to make sure the grill doesn’t get too hot. So always check the temperature of the cooking surface before you start cooking, and once you find it comfortable, set the level to the proper level and cooking time accordingly.